In our bid to unravel the power of technology revolution in close-gap marketing trends and in our fast changing world of technology, it has become evident that the ability of corporates to explore, adjust and adopt in time to technological trends, shall determine their ability to covert these technology revolutions into opportunities they have for years desired in keeping up the pace ahead of the competition.

The inability of corporates to maximize global trends of technology revolution in the marketplace will tremendously affect their ability to achieve set targets and goals in the fast changing market environment. Traditional marketing techniques are no longer yielding the desired results and have become simply inadequate to enable businesses survive the fast growing competition and therefore the critical need for corporates to reengineer market penetration strategies to achieve desired results.

Developing innovative marketing strategies with technology revolution we believe is the secret to business success in the modern day world economy. Maximizing technology revolution in marketing reduces marketing cost by less than half the cost of traditional marketing methodologies with ten times more impact results which enables businesses in grow their clientele base and increase demand for their goods and services.

The global business society of today seeks corporate business relationships across borders to increase territorial coverage and reach untapped markets around the world requiring their products and services but are unaware of their existence. This constitutes one of the reasons we believe corporate presence in technology revolution remains critical and very essential should any corporate desire organizational success in the global business environment.

Seeking to do business at international level requires such corporate presence and first impressions, according to market research, constitutes no less than 50% to the process of actualizing a prospective client into an actual client. These first impressions in technology revolution are created within the digital world to influence how your potential clients, partners and investors perceive your value by judging the impression you have created.

We believe the ability to imprint the desired impressions and deploy creative marketing to grasp the attention of prospective clients, partners and investors


MARK MIDAS ED-ORTA RAYAN Mark Midas Ed-Orta Rayan is of Ghanaian nationality with over ten years of business development experience and redefines business growth as the ability of corporates to explore opportunities technology revolution offers in the fast changing world economy. He believes the inability of corporates to tap into this revolution and administratively design the desired impact from a business perspective to produce results that can be measured shall limit organizational growth with an upward trend of marketing overheads. With his wealth of experience, he leads the team in discovering close-gap marketing strategies in surviving the competition in the domestic and global market environment.


PETRA VAN LIERE Petra van Liere is of Dutch nationality and has a wealth of international business relations experience built on her rich knowledge expertise in different industries at varying levels of global business development. Petra van Liere deploys her creative research skills in analysing research data and interpreting global market behaviour to provide expert advice for product development and service packaging. With her in-depth knowledge experience, creativity remains her hallmark with her unique commitment in making sure clients succeed. This puts a smile on the face of our clients and haves’ them coming back again and again in the quest to satisfy the ever demanding global market.


FKUL GODSON Fkul Godson is of Ivorian nationality with over 10 years of experience in creative media marketing using audio, visuals, motion graphics and video. With his expertise we bring from imagination to reality every media art that perfectly represents the field of your business endeavour. Speed, accuracy and excellence remains his hallmark and he sees no concept impossibility as long as it’s a product of the human mind. His unique ability in understanding clients helps us in meeting their expectations with satisfaction. Fkul Godson’s skill in understanding media marketing language gives perfect finishes to the works of Media Revolution.


NAPOLEON KOFIE Napoleon Kofie, Ghanaian, is our innovative and skilled market development designer with an exceptional level of excellence in UX/UI (Interaction) - Designs, Product Designs, Graphic Designs, Programming - (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, PHP, ASP.NET C#, AJAX, MySQL, SQL), Mobile & Web Software & Video Game Development, Full-stack Application Developer, Digital Marketing (S.E.O, Social Media, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Content Marketing), Business Productivity Tools ( Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite, ERP, CRM), Cloud & Virtual Computing [IaaS (AWS), SaaS (Google), PaaS (Google), MaaS, Virtualization], Research [Internet & Open; Systemization of Knowledge (SoK)] and Robotics [Lego Mindstorms NXT]. He is strong-minded and challenges himself to thrive in hard ground-breaking industries to attain a position which provides him satisfaction and self-actualization.